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Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew for ‘head of the year’) is a Jewish, two day trip, commemorating the culmination of the seven days of Development, and marking God’s annual renewal of Their world. Your day has components of party and introspection, as God is traditionally considered to be examining Their creation and identifying the fate of all men and animals for that coming year. In Jewish history, honey is employed to signify a sweet new year. In the standard dinner for that trip, apple pieces are soaked in honey and enjoyed with blessings recited for a great, sweet new year. Some Rosh Hashanah greetings present honey and an apple, symbolizing the feast. In a few congregations, little straws of baby get out to usher within the new year.

The Pathans Kalasha enjoy their Chowmus which marks the beginning of their year in Chitral district of Pakistan and parts of India. The Gujarati New Year(Bestu Varas) is celebrated the day following the celebration of Diwali (which happens in mid-slide possibly March or November, depending on the Lunar calendar). The Gujarati community all around the world remembers the New Year after Diwali to mark the start of a new fiscal year.
The Sikkimese observe their new year called Looser.

The Nepal Era New year (see Nepal Sambat) is recognized in areas surrounding unique Nepal. The brand new year occurs in the next day of Diwali. The schedule was used as an official schedule until the mid 19th century. However, the brand new year remains recognized by the Newars community of Nepal.

Some neo-pagans celebrate their presentation of Samhain (a festival of the ancient Celts, placed around 1 November) as being a New Year’s Morning representing the brand new period of the Wheel of the Year, while they don’t utilize a unique calendar that starts with this morning.

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Happy New year 2016 Kannada SMS

Sawgath hosa bellakige
Jothe santhosh nimma mukhadhalli
Prethi nima hrudhayadhalli
Sihiyadha thoughts nimma mindyalli
Nimmage E-dina Wonderful dina hagabiku
Hosa varshadha Shubhasheyagalu

Ninna bala haadiyali
Hoo badadevirali manassu
Noyadevirali Sneha
Sauradhevirali Valavu
Vadeyaderali. Aadare
Badukina angaladalli
Bharavaseya beladingalirali,
Balina prati tiruvinallu
Savi nenapemba hoo gondirali
Deva haaraisutavirali
Ninnannu rakshisutavirali
Hendhu baiyasutta nimge
Hosa Varashadha Shubhasheyagalu

Hosa varashadha samayadhalli
Unfold hosa hozions mathu realize
Hosa kannasu to rediscover the
Strength mathu faith within nimge
To rejoicehage simple pleasures
Mathu gearup 4 hosa challenges
Wishing nimge nija fulfilling

Hosa varshadha shubhasheyagallu
Nange gothu thumba bega banthu
Adhare nange biku 100s of kaigallu
Yarudhu guysdhu mathu hodigiyaradhu
Nanu wish madatine nanu decided
To finish off uncles mathu aunties first
Wish You and Your family Happy New Year

Just type LOVE space
Nimma hesru nimma
Lover hesru mattu adannu
Nimma appana numberge
Kalisi bhavishya thilkoli.
Happy New Year

SNEHA vemba muttina haara.
Saavira nenapina sundara alankara
Ponisalu beku baavaneya daara.
Aduve badukina saakshathkara
Wish U happy New year

Ondu Kallu Sakoo Gaaju Odayaloo
Ondu Matu Saku Hrudaaya Muriyaloo
Ondu Nimisha Saku Preti Beleyaaloo
E Ondu SMS Saku Nimage Wish Madaaloo
Hosha Warshadha Shubhasheyagaloo.
Happy New Year SMS

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