Happy New Year 2017 Marathi SMS And Wishes Quotes

A lot of different calendars have experienced use traditionally in different elements of the planet; some such calendars rely years numerically, while others don’t. (Note including the New Year festivities held in Dubai to mark the start of 2014, which broke the world history for your many fireworks set-off in one screen, sustained for six minutes and including the utilization of over 500,000 fireworks.)

Nevertheless, regional or local use of additional calendars persists, along with the cultural and spiritual practices that accompany them. Many sites (for example Israel, China, and India) also enjoy New Year in the situations dependent on these other calendars. In Latin America the statement of practices owned by different indigenous cultures continues according to their particular calendars, despite the domination of recently arrived cultures. The most frequent dates of modern New Year’s celebrations are listed below, ordered and collected by their alignment relative to the Gregorian calendar.

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Happy New Year 2017 Marathi SMS And Wishes Quotes

Soneri Kirane…
Soneri Kiranancha….
Soneri Diwas….
Soneri Diwasachya…
Soneri Shubhechchha….
Sonyasarkhya Lokanna….!
Happy New Year….!

Marathi Asmitechi Mrathi shan
“Marathi parmprecha marathi man”
Aaj sonyasarkha diwas gheun yeyil
aayushya tumchya sukh aani samudhi
“Happy New Year,”

Aptyachi Pan, Fulancha Vas,
Aaj Ahe Divas Khup Khas,
Tula Sarve Sukh Labo ya Jagat,
Premane Betuya apan Ya Dasryat.
Wishing You Happy New Year

Aaj Khandenavmi  Udya aahe Dasara
Problem sare visra , Vichar karu naka dusra
Chehra theva nehami Hasra!
Hindu Sanskruti Aapali,
Hindutva Aapli Shan,
SONE LUTUNI Sajara Karu,

Aani Wadhvu Maharashtrachi Shaan.
DASARACHYA Hardik Subhecchha.

zenduche toran aaj laava daari,
sukhaache kiran yevude ghari,
purna hovude tumchya sarva ichha,
vijaya dashamichya tumhala hardik shubhechha.

aapatyachi paane,
zenduchee phule,
ghevuni aali ashvinatali “vijayadashmi”
dasryachyaa aaj shubh dini
sukh samruddhi naando tumachya jivani.
Happy New Year….

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