How to Say Happy New Year In French: Bonne année

In France New Year is known as La E-Sylvestre and is generally recognized using a party called Le Reveillon de Saint Sylvestre. And you can want New Year in French is merely Bonne Annee which literally means Good Year. The majority of the individuals of France Wish their family and friends by saying Bonne Annee. All-the countries were observe Happy New Year using their own style or language.

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New Year or Saint Sylvestre celebration in France with achievements tendencies to add unique or famous dishes of England like champagne or Foie Gras and so they were ask their friends for that supper, at nighttime everybody bears one another and offers their Best Wishes for the Sain Sylvestre (Happy New Year).

Interesting element is kissing under the mistletoe is just a New Year’s custom in France, rather than Christmas custom as in other countries mainly in USA. Kissing maybe to the lips or on the cheeks it be determined by the connection between the two people. If you need to Want their friends who live in France or who identified the french language then say “Saint-Sylvestre”

Happy new year in french Bonne année et bonne santé!

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